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For more than two decades, Is Maktub Group has been a leading multinational business conglomerate with commercial presence in 4 business divisions: : Companies of Massive Consumption (Cell Phones, Alarms, Insurance, Prepaid Medicine, Quality Monitoring, Electronic Commerce), Aeronautical Industry, Plastic Industry, and Construction of single-family homes.

Over the years we have added ideas to small, medium and large companies, always providing customized solutions according to the needs, specific characteristics and expectations of each organization. We have strategic alliances with recognized partners in their activity, allowing us to always provide an integrated solution for each project, with the necessary know-how for successful implementations based on real business experience in the region and in the world.

Each company of Is Maktub group operates independently under the guidance and supervision of its own board of directors.

International presence

Group consolidated by its multinational character through the installation of commercial offices in various countries of America: United States (2002), Chile (2006), Panama (2009), and Dominican Republic (2014).

We are a group of companies that directly generate more than 500 jobs, with a presence in Argentina, Chile, the Dominican Republic and Panama.

In turn, with a permanent reinvestment policy, the company was expanding its number of production units with the acquisition of different companies in Latin America.

Business and business strategies

Through sustainable management, we develop leading brands and apply commercial strategies that differ from the common commercialization currently used by most of the world's service companies. Due to our ability to enter new businesses, we make companies leaders in their fields and recognized in the international market.

Our achievements

We have built an impressive record of creating value in all of our businesses. Our companies strive to offer the latest innovations and the best value offerings to all of our consumers in our quest to offer the best in class.

Quality is the top business priority for us and this extends from the top to the bottom of our organization. We practice quality as a value in everything we do. Our long-term relationship with existing clients supports this.


We monitor the quality of your store's customer service. We are the ideal ally to enhance your experience as a buyer, offering you a range of services in permanent development.

We certify the businesses that consumers choose, within the framework of a program to improve the quality of the service they provide and maximizing the quality of service they offer.

Football By Experts

Located worldwide as the only online soccer academy, transmitted only by experts in that sport.

It invites you to learn more about the most popular sport in the world from the hand of world-renowned experts, learn their techniques, their secrets and their experience of success in the sport that attracts billions of people around the world.

Better Visual

Manufacturer of plastic products oriented mainly to supermarkets, pharmacies and commercial premises in general for the display of their products in gondolas and stores.

Viviendas Integral

The company's motto is turnkey work and the remodeling of apartments and houses. Dedicated to commercial ventures and construction of single-family homes. He has executed more than 30 works in various gated communities and countries. Build high quality houses between 50 and 150 square meters. We hope to tell you about it among our future clients. For us it will be the possibility of being able to demonstrate our commitment to you and your family.

El Dueño Vende

Real estate portal chosen by those who want to sell, buy or rent their permanent or temporary home.

With the group's custom of satisfying its clients, we provide the advice that the client needs without charging whoever is making the investment, as it should be.

To accompany you in your project from the beginning, we provide real estate advice to those who sell and those who acquire their next property.

Siper Aviación

Since 1949, its main activity is the repair of aircraft engines and their accessories, obtaining market recognition and quickly reaching a leadership position that is maintained today, projecting the company towards new experiences and new markets.

Siper Aviacion has produced the overhaul of more than 8000 engines and hundreds of thousands of accessories, becoming the largest workshop of its kind in Latin America.

For this, Siper Aviacion is efficiently equipped with tools, equipment and Test Benches, constituting the appropriate instruments for each type of work.

Asistencia Celular

We understand the importance of always being in communication and that is why Asistencia Celular is a comprehensive company that provides insurance specially created to assist cell phone users.

Users assisted not only when their mobile phone is stolen, but also when it suffers some damage, since we lend you a cell phone to continue with your tasks while we replace or repair your unit.

Integral 360 - Marketing y Ventas

Non-traditional Marketing and Direct Sales Consultant. Our non-traditional direct sales methodology is applied to approach the client to bring the product closer to them, letting him know the benefits that the product offered has for him.

At Integral Marketing we help you obtain the best results using multiple platforms to develop direct marketing strategies.

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